Our Programs

Butterfly Ball Dinner

The Butterfly Ball an annual community recognition event that will give the young women an opportunity to celebrate what they have achieved as a result of their completion of the core curriculum: Eight Keys to Unlocking YOU!  The young women are dressed in formal wear and embody confidence and proper etiquette. The ball is a chance for the young women to embrace the 8 core principles to taking flight as tomorrow’s leaders. The young women are presented with certificates of completion and other special recognitions. This is an amazing time to share with family, friends and the community.

Superfly Saturday Workshops

The Superfly Saturday Workshop is a quarterly workshop provided to cover important topics in a 4-hour workshop format. Topics include: Self-Esteem, High School and College Prep, Financial Fitness, Etiquette, Civil Responsibility and Health and Wellness. The workshops will take place and the end of each quarter on a Saturday. Check our events for details.

Our Services

We desire to empower women to fly. We are all born to fly but we all need flight lessons. What better time to provide those lessons than in adolescence. We provide these lessons with a strategic coaching focus using both group and individual mentoring models.

Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring: Butterfly Project Mentoring Program is designed to educate and empower young women through leadership development. Our core curriculum: Eight Keys to Unlocking YOU! Is a 10-12 week program. Applications are currently being accepted for our next session starting March 20, 2015. Deadline for this session will be March 13th. The application fee is $20 which covers supplies and a butterfly project t-shirt for each young lady.

One-on-One Mentoring

Please contact Stache’ Smith for details at 317.258.1857

Volunteers: To volunteer as a mentor, please contact Stache’ Smith at 317.258.1857 or email at stache.smith@iambutterflyproject.com


Eight Keys to Unlocking YOU!

  • I SEE
  • I WIN

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