I was talking to a friend recently and she spoke something that was simply music to my ears: I am God’s daughter and that is enough. Wow, I thought to myself as tears began to fall from my eyes. That was just what I needed to hear. Let me tell you why.

The world around us is always telling us that we need more and that who and what we are is just not good enough. More money, more clothes, more fame, more beauty, more titles, more education, more followers and more likes. It is so good to know that because I belong to the creator of all things that he has created in me just what I fully need. We must through this daily walk called life continue to remind ourselves as daughters of God that we are enough and we don’t have to measure up to the world’s standards by any means. All we must do is look at our creator. We are fearfully and wonderfully made masterpieces and when we decide that who we are requires more we are telling God that he made a mistake. He does not make mistakes. He is perfect and loves us with enough. Because we are his fly girls!

The word enough means to fully meet demands, needs or expectations. So many times we put unnecessary demands and expectations on ourselves that God has never intended for us to do. We are enough just in who he created us to be. The reason being is not that we are all that, but that he is all that and because he is I AM too and that settles it. I AM means just that. I AM all that my heavenly father is and that is enough. That is just too big to even contain: like helium in a balloon ready to burst! Pure awesomeness!

So today as we move into the season of  colorful leaves, clear blue skies and cool breezes reminder that I AM created it all and daughter guess what? He created you to and you are ENOUGH! Now walk into your season and fly!


Stache’ Smith

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