Stache' Smith

Stache' Smith

Founder/ CEO

Stache’ received her Nursing Degree in 2003 from Ivy Tech State College and holds a degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Phoenix. She currently functions a Life Coach and Licensed Minister and is featured as a life coach with the Christian Women Business Connection “Nothing Shall Be Impossible Club”.

She has a true passion for mentoring and counseling teen girls and young women ranging in ages from 12-21 years of age. In 2013 she established Butterfly Project an organization developed with a group of passionate female leaders. The goal of the Butterfly Project is to empower young women through faith based mentoring cultivating them towards discovering their true God-given image in Christ. Butterfly Project “Self-Worth….DEFINED”.



Message from our CEO

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you find our programs exciting and enriching. As the CEO of Butterfly Project, my passion is to impact the lives of women and girls in a powerful and life changing way. I am truly honored to be the founder of Butterfly Project Inc.

Butterfly Project is a global movement and with faith I will continue to work diligently to touch the lives of every woman and girl that crosses our path. We all have a purpose and can accomplish greatness with the love and support of mentoring and leadership development.

Let’s change the world…defining self-worth! I AM BUTTERFLY PROJECT!


Spreading Our Wings

Butterfly Project Inc. is an organization dedicated to supporting young women seeking to know their true identity and experience transformation through our mentoring, coaching and leadership programs. From its beginnings, Butterfly Project Inc. has grown into a group of passionate and driven female leaders who are dedicated to serve with love, compassion and integrity. Butterfly Project Inc. will cultivate a generation of educated and empowered who know their identity and can communicate it to the world around them.